Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Notes 4 - Letters represent various sounds


One of the 3 reasons why kids shut down from learning to read is the fact that they are not told on the outset that letters represent more than one sound. Let them know this fact and when you come across words where the sound represented by the letter you have taught him earlier is different point it out to him.

In the first lesson, I have posted on my blog, there are two sounds represented by the letter ‘a’. They are:

‘A’ as in apple and ‘A’ as in about.

Here are the many sounds of the vowels which you should point out when you see them.


A as in able, alien, ace

A as in axe, apple, ample

A as in arc, arm, art

A as in agree, ahead, arrive

A as in all, although, always



E as in each, eel, equal

E as in earn, early, earth

E as in ebony, echo, elbow

E as in eight, eighty, eighteen

E as in either

E as in ewe


I as in idea, iron, island

I as in ill, in, improve

I as in irk



O as in oat, old, over

O as in object, occupy, offer

O as in onion

O as in ooze

O as in orchard, orchid, order


U as in umbrella, under, up

U as in uniform, unit, use

U as in urban, urchin, urge

Even consonants have more than one sound. The letter c can be the sound as in cat or the sound as in city. It carries the sound as in city when it appears before the letter i (city), e (ceiling) and y (cyst). In all other instances it carries the sound as in the word cat.

The sound of g is also different as in the words, giraffe, giant and gorilla.

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