Saturday, October 10, 2020

The different sounds represented by letters

I have said that there are 3 matters that cause children to shut down / disengage from learning to read.

One of the three is not telling the kid at the onset that almost all letters in English represent more than one sound.


Here is my video on the different sounds represented by the letters A and E.


I happened to listen to a video on ‘Is my kid learning how to read – Part1’.


The producer of the video should be commended for her effort and it is worth listening.


However, I have decided to post this video for one main reason and that is to support what I have said on my video above.


The way the kid pronounces the phoneme of the letter ‘a’ at minute 3.03 and then again at 4.13.


She has pronounced the ‘a’ in the word paint as it is pronounced in the word ‘apple’.


The ‘a’ in the word paint should be as in the word ‘ace’.


I am all for teaching phonics but I also recommend teaching kids the different sounds represented by the letters when the teacher comes across them in a book given to a child to read.


It is obvious the child hasn’t been taught this.


More importantly, the book is definitely not for a beginning reader. 


Here is the YouTube video I refer to above.


I commented on the tweet that linked the above video and I have been blocked. I may not be able to see the subsequent videos produced and uploaded onto Twitter.

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