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Emails to Prof. Jennifer Buckingham

Note: This is a follow up on my post yesterday. The following email exchanges were on phonological awareness deficit and not on phonics.

From: Luqman Michel []
Sent: Sunday, 8 July 2018 9:57 AM

Dear Dr. Jennifer,

I saw your name on 'Center for independent studies' on the 'Reading wars'.

 The reading wars has been going on for decades and it will continue as these speakers are not willing to look at new perspectives.

I have taught so called dyslexic children on a one on one basis since 2004 after quitting my work in the accounting field as I was curious as to why children who could read in Malay and Pin Yin (Mandarin written in Roman alphabets) could not read in English.

Please respond, so that you may see a different perspective before the debate on 31.7.2018.

To check me out please Google search 'Phonological awareness Luqman'

OR: 'Dr. Torgessen vs Luqman Michel'.

I was the first person to challenge the more than 35 year theory that 'phonological awareness deficit' is the cause of kids being unable to read.
Wish you well,
Luqman Michel

On Monday, 9 July 2018, 14:58:30 GMT+8, Jennifer Buckingham wrote:

Hi Luqman.

Thanks for getting in touch. I think it is fair to say that most children who struggle with learning to read English do not have dyslexia. They have just not had effective teaching – also known as ‘dysteachia’.

 Of the children who do have dyslexia, there are several types – one is a deficit in phonological awareness – but there are other deficits leading to dyslexia including rapid automatic naming (RAN).

So you are correct in concluding that PA deficits are not responsible for all reading difficulties.

Kind regards,

Luqman Michel
To:Jennifer Buckingham
Mon, 9 Jul 2018 at 19:24

Dear Dr. Jennifer,
Thank you so much for your response. You have made my day.

Please, I beg you to have an open mind to what I have to say.

I have successfully taught about 50 children on a one on one basis since 2004.

All my students could read in Malay and Pin Yin which both use the same Roman/Latin
letters as does English.

This intrigued me and I quit my work in the accounting field to study why these kids could not
read in English.

I observed the kids and 'interviewed' them and have found out that all of them were a casualty of instruction. (Dysteachia as you said)

I wrote about this on LinkedIn but was continuously asked for credential, Data and scientific evidence.

I then went about collecting corroborative evidence and have written a book detailing my
findings supported by corroborative evidence by scientists/educators/clinicians such as Dr.Reid Lyon,
Dr. Richard Selznick, Dr. David Kilpatrick, Dr. Timothy, Ms. Nancy Hennessy, Mr.Malcolm Gladwell (from Tipping Point) and many others.

Dr. Jennifer, a majority of kids classified as dyslexic are in fact instructional casualties.

I believe I am the first person to actually say what it is that is taught wrongly by teachers. This is
true in my country as well as in countries where only English is spoken.

Please get a copy of my book available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and read it and share
the link with your contacts so that we may reduce illiteracy.

I do hope to get your feedback.

Note: I did not get any response to my last email. I did not write about phonics nor that the main problem is that of teaching the pronunciation of phonemes of consonants wrong. I only mentioned that many children are instructional casualties.

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