Sunday, May 10, 2020

Teaching Dolch words to a Grade one kid in Australia

I don’t understand why the phonics proponents are insistent upon not allowing other methods in addition to phonics that may further improve outcomes for children.  


Lena Loganathan, a primary, secondary, tertiary and now a private tutor with some 50 years or more experience teaching English, shares her success of teaching a grade one student reading through a combination of phonemes, phonics and Dolch Sight words found in my Book 1 that was made available to her.

The student deemed by his parents as having learning difficulties learned to read the first 5 lessons in 5 one hour lessons.

This student will return to her tomorrow after a 4-week absence due to the Covid situation.

Lena’s success is evidence that this method of teaching when taught correctly will make every child a fluent reader at a very early age.

The following is a video of the student reading the Dolch words he had learned in addition to phonics words on his fifth lesson.

Here is the student reading lesson 5 after learning it for an hour.


Unknown said...

It is with great joy I witnessed this student's progress in his reading after mastering a combination of phonics, phonemes and Dolch words.

In fact he looks forward to attending this one to one session. He is learning to read confidently and he is even reading books borrowed from the libray.

Lena Loganathan affectinately known as "Aunty Lena " is starting to use this method with this student's four-year old sister with great success.

Thank you Aunty Lena for using this method for the early readers in your "Learn with Lena" tutorial centre.

I am very grateful to Michel Luqman's books published for breakthrough learning .Thank you for your painstaking research, Michal.

We look forward to promoting your book in Australia through Learn With Lena website.

Doris Woon

Luqman Michel said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, Doris Woon.
It is comments like your that make my day.
I wish you and Aunty Lena the very best in your endeavours.