Monday, May 11, 2020

Responding to Jeffrey Bower's Tweet

Jeffrey Bowers is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Bristol
On 2.3.2020 I read a blog post by Jeffrey Bowers dated February 2020.
I then wrote an article and posted it on my blog which can be read here.

On 9.5.2020 I read the following on Twitter.

Jeffrey Bowers @jeffrey bowers
Replying to @Kathy_Rastle @PamelaSnow2 and @ReadingShanahan

The consistent misrepresentation of science in support of phonics is really quite extraordinary.  And when challenged (see:, almost complete silence.  Researchers just keep saying the same thing and ignore serious questions and challenges.

EdInspire @EdInspire
Geoff. HE. English instructor, Director of Studies, researcher was the guy who retweeted the above tweet.

There it is as a retweet. I don't know who will comment? @SusanGodsland
 @debbiehepp @ParkerPhonics @markseidenberg  @ged10 @anneglennie @reading_league @TheReadingApe ?

I then commented even though my name was not on the list above. I agree with Jeffrey that researchers keep saying the same things over and over again and ignore serious questions and challenges. This has happened to me countless number of times, since 2010, where they not only have ignored my challenges but have deleted my comments and unfriended me.

Here are the tweets:
Luqman Michel Replying to @EdInspire @SusanGodsland and 7 others

I will challenge @jeffrey_bowers
He does not know that the problem is not Phonics but the wrong way phonemes are pronounced.
          and comment. I will respond.

Jeffrey Bowers @jeffrey_bowers

OK we seem to agree that the published science does not support phonics. You claim that researchers don't know how to teach phonics. Perhaps, or perhaps it does not work as well as so widely claimed.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Replying to @jeffrey_bowers @EdInspire and 8 others

Thank you for your response. I don't know about published science not supporting phonics. What I know for sure is that the foundation of phonics which is the teaching of the pronunciation of phonemes is wrong. 1/x

Do you know exactly what I am saying about the pronunciation of phonemes not being taught correctly?
There can be no worthwhile discussion if you are not sure of this.
Did you read my post? I shall copy-paste your response above. 2/x
Neither you nor @buckingham_j (Jennifer Buckingham) understand that the problem is not phonics but the wrong way the pronunciation of phonemes is taught.
If the pronunciation of phonemes is taught correctly we will end the reading wars. 3/x

Note: I do not support Systematic Synthetic Phonics.
I teach my students simple phonics with Dolch words and they begin to read in the first hour. 

For lessons using simple phonics and Dolch words refer to Aunty Lena at Learn with Lena.

I repeat my mantra which is whatever phonics you teach make sure that the pronunciation of phonemes is taught correctly.

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Luqman Michel said...

Here is a Tweet by Debbie Hepplewhite who keeps promoting her products any chance she gets.

Debbie Hepplewhite @debbiehepp Replying to @EdInspire @SusanGodsland and 6 others

The serious 'questions and challenges' of the Bowers' brothers cannot be taken seriously. They have been addressed, and others have questioned them for clarity regarding their version of 'phonics' and what they know of the good progs in England. Response?

Luqman Michel Replying to @debbiehepp

You should focus and deal with the question at hand and not promote your programmes.

What do you and your gang know about the fact that the pronunciation of phonemes is taught wrongly in most schools?