Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Relevant Tweets on phonics

Below are a few tweets I picked up from Twitter.

John Cosgrove @johncosgrove405 Replying to @juliangrenier and  @tes

In almost 40 years of teaching, I never met a teacher who was anti-phonics. But I have known many children who struggled to read despite phonics (and not from bad teaching). Framing the debate as an all or nothing "war" is probably unhelpful.

Roger Titcombe @rogertitcombe Replying to @johncosgrove405 @juliangrenier and @tes

John is right - Eldest child learned to read pre-school from Ladybird books & flash cards but youngest was severely dyslexic and massively helped by the phonics-based dyslexia trained teachers at my headship school - What's wrong with teachers having a repertoire of approaches?

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Replying to @rogertitcombe @johncosgrove405

 I find that phonics with teaching proper sounds of letters and memorisation of Dolch words which any child can do with ease the best for getting kids to learn to read.
It is silly to insist on any single method.

Additional comment now: Why would ‘Many children struggle to read despite phonics’?  John Cosgrove has said that it is not from bad teaching. I beg to disagree with John as any kid will be able to learn using phonics if the letter sounds are taught correctly. Unfortunately, this is what is not done correctly and educators wage the reading wars and put the blame on phonics.

Ali Findlayson @findlayson_ali Replying to @johncosgrove405 @juliangrenier and @tes

Some children need different approaches. My youngest has learnt to read purely by sight reading. He can read every football team that appears on Sky Sports yet would struggle to read a simple 5 letter word if he had not seen it previously. Once told it he will retain though.

 Luqman Michel

It is not phonics that is the problem but the teaching of the pronunciation of phonemes.
Many smart kids get confused and disengage from learning to read.
Listen to my videos and then let us discuss.

Links to the 5 videos are found here

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