Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Grade one kid in Australia continued

The kid who I wrote about earlier came back yesterday for his class after an absence of 4 weeks due to the Covid situation.

This kid is taught by a teacher in Australia using what is in my book. I printed 100 copies of my book and gave them away during my talks to the schools here and I am not printing any more of the books. As such this is not an advertisement for marketing my book.

Here is him reading his new lesson 6 with pictures during his one-hour session

Here is him reading the same sentences without pictures.

This is him reading the Dolch words learned on the same day.

As I have mentioned, when I uploaded a free sample of my first lesson, this is something that any parent can do. Look up word families and prepare lessons while introducing Dolch words to be memorised. Teach the word family with the correct pronunciation of the phonemes and you can get any kid to learn to read within 30 lessons. I have done it here in Sabah and now it is being done in Australia.


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