Tuesday, March 31, 2020

7 Unhealthy learning

In a video called ‘Unhealthy Learning’ David Boulton says: 

When a child’s mind starts to develop avoidance of confusion then that avoidance can spill out to the confusion that is involved to learning about other things and it is this – this core deep structure of readings influence, both cognitive, linguistic, automatic processing level and at the emotional avoidance level why reading has a powerful core relation ….

My comment: This is exactly what I have been saying since 2010. Children predisposed to shutting down get confused

i.                      when pronunciation of phonemes is not taught correctly.
ii.                    when they are not informed that letters represent more than one phoneme.

Malcolm Gladwell had said the same thing in his book, Tipping Point, where he said kids tune off (disengage) from viewing TV when they are confused.

Points to Ponder: It is mind boggling that
i.                     having written the above (by David Boulton)
ii.                   having interviewed 160 experts in various fields
iii.                 having interviewed many kids who could not read
David Boulton could not understand what I meant when I told him that many smart kids shut down from learning to read when they are taught the wrong pronunciation of phonemes due to confusion.

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