Tuesday, March 10, 2020

An arrogant educator from Australia - Dr David Zyngier

Here are tweets from another arrogant educator from Australia who thinks he knows everything there is to know about education. Many of the Caucasian educators from Australia are as arrogant as many from the US and the UK.

It started off with the following:
On March 8 2020, someone had asked the following question on Twitter:

“What percentage of children being unable to read is acceptable to you Dr Zyngier?”

I saw the tweet and decided to say the following:

If I may answer that question, please?
According to studies and my experience teaching dyslexic kids, it should be less than 1%.

Most of the so-called dyslexic kids are in fact instructional casualties.

Then I was questioned by Dr.David Zyngier

Luqman do you work in Australia?

Luqman Michel:

No. Dr. @dzyngier
I am from Sabah.
I would love to share my findings with educators in Australia if I am given a chance.


In that case Lugman may I respectfully suggest you confine your commentary to your own education system and not ours.

Luqman Michel:

DR. @dzyngier  I request you to read two of my recent articles and feel free to comment on them or keep silent.

No Dr. The worst education system is in Australia. It is people like you who refuse to think that is one of the biggest problems.
You want proof I will give you.
Your education system creates shut down kids who are then classified as dyslexic.

Dr David Zyngier:

Michel you know this because ... ?

Luqman Michel:

I have discussed it with many teachers in Australia since 2010. I know how they teach in Australia.
Your post just now says: "they focus on the education of children with special educational needs."
Your system creates this need. Agree/disagree?
From your post earlier - "The real learning crisis is the education system's inability to learn"*
The Australians are just as stubborn as the Americans. They refuse to listen.
Did you read the two posts I sent you?
Read before we continue.

*Meanwhile he posted this.

Dr David Zyngier:

Michel I would NEVER presume to tell you how to teach in Malaysia!

Luqman Michel:
If you had read the two articles I sent, you will not write this.
Teaching of pronunciation of phonemes should be the same throughout the world.
You can't teach 'cuhohtuh' is coat and call that phonics.
Pick 5 students at random in Australia and test.

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Luqman Michel said...

Here is my article on how many teachers teach pronunciation of phonemes in Australia and around the world.