Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Naïve educators

I have been diplomatic since 2010 and requesting educators to discuss my findings. I believe they are naive and do not understand what I have been saying or it is possible that they are working  with the big boys who are benefitting from the Dyslexia con.

It is now time to be direct and say what I want to say the way truth should be told.

I quote what Dr.David Boulton had written in my LinkedIn post in 2017.

“I have been bombarded over the years with people 'certain' that if only their way was adopted (spelling reform to instructional method) everyone would be great readers. I don't have the time or interest in being the object such people want to stroke themselves with. I am clear and on the record for decades re what is the reason children struggle to read English. If as you say you have been through my work you'd know that I appreciate that you help people. I don't want to engage further with you. I am not interested in being a platform for self-aggrandizing. I wish you all the best.”.

David Boulton, co-producer and creator of the Children of the Code, is a learning-activist and technologist whose articles on learning have appeared in: The Brain-Mind Bulletin, In Context, The California School Board's Journal, The American Music Teacher; Management and Conjecture (France), Centecemes (Mexico).
I believe he is not only naïve but arrogant to the hilt.
It would be very easy for educators to do simple research by asking kids who are sent for
remediation as to why they find reading difficult.
Is this guy naïve or being controlled by the big boys who are advocates of dyslexia?
I never advocated any single way to teach. I have only continuously said that if kids are taught the pronunciation of phonemes correctly the number of kids leaving school as illiterates will be greatly reduced.
What would the white man, who speaks only English, know about why many kids can read in Malay and Romanised Mandarin but not in English?

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