Friday, March 27, 2020

My immediate response to Emily Hanford

I was so happy to receive the reply from Emily Hanford and I immediately wrote the following email to her.

From: luqman michel
Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 11:07 PM
To: "Hanford, Emily"
Subject: Re: dyslexia

Hi again Emily,

I have read the passage as well as heard the podcast.

 1.Back in 2010 I wrote to more than 20 professors in UK, US, and NZ and said that I disagreed with the notion that children are dyslexic because of 'phonological awareness deficit'. I also wrote to many universities but no one accepted what I had to say as that notion of phonological awareness deficit was reported more than 35 years ago and more than 100 professors had echoed it without thinking.

I, however, noticed a lot of activity in my blog at that time from university students. Soon after that a few researches came out and agreed with what I had been saying on the internet. 

Please do a Google search on 'Phonological awareness Luqman' and 'dyslexia Luqman' and you will see my articles and posts in my blog and elsewhere.

I can also send you the emails to and from the professors and universities but I believe that would be unnecessary.

2. I don't agree with there being 10 to 20% of kids who are dyslexic. This is a fallacy. Any and every kid who can't read is lumped under the umbrella term 'dyslexia'. I have also been writing about this for many years and hopefully, some universities will take this up for study.

A majority of the kids classified as dyslexic are in fact shut-down or disengaged kids.

They shut-down or disengage because they have been taught wrongly. About 20% of kids around the world shut-down when they are confused. These are the kids who like to be taught explicitly. When what is taught does not match with what they already know or have been taught they disengage from learning to read.

All these are explained in detail in my blog at:

I wrote about this on LinkedIn too. Please connect with me on LinkedIn and read my posts there.

Read a sample from my post today at

Let us work together to alleviate illiteracy in the US and the world.

You were the first radio station I had written to and then I wrote to another station.

I hope to hear from you soon and let us set up a Q&A session and discuss how we are going to air this matter. This will definitely give relief to many worried parents.

Wish you well.
Luqman Michel

The following is Emily’s prompt response.
Hanford, Emily 
To:luqman michel
17 Sep 2017 at 20:00
I will take a look.



To be continued..."I will take a look" (Emily Hanford)

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