Saturday, March 28, 2020

95% are instructional casualties (Reid Lyon)

The following is what another educator had said on Children of the Code.

Instructional Casualties:
Dr.G Reid Lyon: When we look at the kids who are having a tough time learning to read and we went through the statistics, thirty-eight percent nationally, dis-aggregate that, seventy percent of kids from poverty and so forth hit the wall.

Ninety-five percent of those kids are instructional casualties. About five to six percent of those kids have what we call dyslexia or learning disabilities in reading. Ninety-five percent of the kids hitting the wall in learning to read are what we call NBT: Never Been Taught.

All of these kids that I had tried to teach and who didn’t do well had by nine years of age already begun to avoid the reading process because they couldn’t do it.

This man had said that he is looking for the reasons why kids were unable to read. When I wrote to him he was busy and asked his wife to respond. She wrote and asked me to write to others as Reid Lyon was busy. That does not make sense to me.

When I wrote and said that I have taught about 50 kids (at that time) and all the students I had taught could read in Malay is it not mind boggling as to why he did not have time to discuss this matter?

Is it possible that these guys are being controlled by the Dyslexia Advocates? I just don't believe that they are that naive not to discuss matters which they have been considering for decades.

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