Sunday, March 29, 2020

Emily Hanford – comments on Twitter by other members

Denny Taylor @DennyTaylorYes Mar 20

@ehanford is not a scientist. She has co-opted the term "science of reading" for her lucrative ideological stance & she is gas-lighting teachers This has happened before. "Beginning to Read & the Spin Doctors of Science" shreds her arguments @plthomasEdD

My comment: I believe she, Emily, can’t think well. After explaining in detail as to why many smart kids are unable to read she missed the point completely.

Look at all the responses on her email to me and see that she does not even know how or what to question when someone is feeding her valuable information.

The westerners are doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. That is what Einstein had described as insanity.

Emily Hanford retweeted the following tweet by one Ken Sheck but does she understand what it means? 

Emily Hanford Retweeted

Ken Sheck @KenSheck Mar 23
Replying to @mikesully97 @hannahurley and 6 others
In my opinion, teachers, like all humans, tend to believe what seems intuitively valid. Learning styles, learning to read by just reading, and every child learning differently appeal to our intuitions about these things. But in all these cases, our intuitions are wrong.

Ever since 2004 when I first started researching dyslexia I have heard the above several times.
To put it mildly, I am disappointed with the attitude of Emily Hanford which leaves much to be desired.
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