Monday, March 23, 2020

The Dyslexia Scam

I have taught more than 70 kids since 2004 on a one on one basis. Many of them were certified as dyslexic by some experts in Singapore and even from Australia.
After a few years of teaching, I realised that they were all shut down kids and did not fit into the dyslexia description on the internet.

When I first started researching on dyslexic on the internet in 2004, the number of children with dyslexia was quoted at around 5% to 10%.

A few years later it was quoted as 15%.

Soon after that, it became one in 5 which translates to 20%.

On 5th February I saw it as one in 4 which now means 25 %. 

February 5, 2020
1 in 4 struggles with reading: How can assistive technology help?

Who are the guys behind these statistics?
It is all a big business.
Anyone who cannot read is classified as dyslexic for the sake of making money.

Think why Israel has been able to discover so many things and yet not able to come up with a solution to the Reading Wars. 

Think why guys like David Boulton and Timothy Shanahan come up with responses that even idiots will not make.

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