Thursday, March 26, 2020

Comment on my post on Emily Hanford and APM

Malaysians and Singaporeans are just as bad as the Whites.

A long-time friend of mine had commented on my post this morning about the Naïve Whites who sweep, anything they have not experienced, under the carpet.

 He commented: “Americans only listen to their OWN voices bro,,,,”

That is true but is that also not the case with our own ministers?

Here is a post on one of several of my emails to Mazlee Malik, his deputy Teo Nie Ching and to Gobind Singh Deo. If they understood what I had written, then they would have done something concrete and created a name for Malaysia.

The same applies to our local assistant minister of education, Jennifer Lasimbang. I took the trouble to visit her in her office and wasted my valuable time explaining to her and gave her a copy of my book and she did not understand what I had said nor written in my book.

Yes, Americans listen to their own voices but our Malaysians don’t listen to any voice at all.
Let us not leave Singapore or otherwise, their feelings may be hurt. Here is the post to the Singapore Minister of Education.

We have educated fools around the world who control our lives.

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