Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Washington Post - Confirmation

Here are some extracts from an article from WashingtonPost.com dated 12.3.2020 that confirms what I have been writing for years.

Among other things, it found that the county had “no systematic support for the development of foundational skills” in reading.

Decades of research have found that most children need systematic instruction in the 44 sounds of the English language and how to map those sounds onto the 26 letters of the alphabet automatically and fluently, but Montgomery County as a district has refused to incorporate this knowledge into its reading instruction.

Montgomery County’s curriculum does “not include the necessary components to adequately address foundational skills.

But just about all children, no matter their background, can learn to read. The fact that Montgomery County, with all its resources, fails to do what we know works is — frankly — embarrassing.

My comment: I have read numerous such articles from across the US, the UK and Australia during the last 10 years since I became interested in why many smart kids are unable to read in English.

This is what I have been harping on in my articles in my blog since 2010. This problem is not restricted to Montgomery or to the US but is a universal problem.

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